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  • Mina-Anud

    Kerwin Go translates a tragic true story into a frenetic comedy caper without losing the tragedy.

  • Biyernes Santo

    Vivamax’s Holy Week presentation is a bloated and incoherent occult horror lost in its existential ideas about religion and idolatry.

  • Anino

    In Raymond Red’s acclaimed short film, the city of Manila has a head full of ghosts.

  • Alone/Together

    LizQuen graduates in Antoinette Jadaone’s drama about the pressures of the modern age.

  • Ang Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan

    The elements that made Bob Ong’s eponymous novella horrific get lost in Chito S. Roño’s pompous and flashy adaptation.

  • Third World Romance

    Dwein Baltazar’s new film is a thoughtful and endearing tribute to romantic love in a country that is punishingly out of order.

  • Nocebo

    Lorcan Finnegan’s cathartic fable about capitalist parasitism is vivid, anguished, and nightmarish.

  • Ngayon Kaya

    Prime Cruz and Jen Chaunsu depict an interesting portrait of unrequited romance through music, nostalgia, and dreams.