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Welcome to Unreelan independent film publication designed to unspool Philippine and world cinema in a critical lens. We’ve built this space around one crucial notion…

“Every frame is magic.”

We take these words to heart. And it is these words that fuel our work.

Chief among them is to invite as many people as we can to reflect on movies more deeply. A movie, after all, is a trove of treasures, and each frame is like a bejeweled chest. Moreover, we want to provide Filipino moviegoers an online space that’s inclusive, unbiased, and completely independent.

We launched our blog—unreel.ph—in December 2017, with two editors, Geoffrey Ledesma and Armando Dela Cruz. Here, we post movie reviews, news, and features, with a focus on Philippine and world cinema. Flash forward to 2020, we now produce a podcast and a YouTube channel.

Our mission is to provide an online resource for Filipino film lovers regardless of how deep they’re into it, be they casual moviegoers or ardent cinephiles. We are determined to help put local films at the forefront of global movie discussions.

As of 2021, we are supporter-funded. Every donation goes to our writers and contributors and subscription funds our creative efforts, including the website, Pervision Podcast, the Unreel Movie Club, and YouTube channel.

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