In the nascent years of this project, we had our hearts set on chasing one lofty ambition: to become a definitive film resource for Philippine cinema. At the time, no websites, big or small, had devoted the time, effort, or money to extensively covering the inner bellies of the culture of Filipino film. (By default, local film coverage would be lumped together with the vague recesses of “entertainment coverage,” which scoped — again, only vaguely — from free press screenings to celebrity gossip scoops.)

Unreel, we decided in 2017, would not be that kind of site. We wanted to build a film resource for anyone who loves reading, watching, and listening about Filipino films. Turns out, we couldn’t skip Step One to hit that goal. That’s why, in its current iteration, we’ve shifted our energies to an easier and simpler goal: to build a space that fosters candid and incisive discussions on Philippine cinema.

Our new tagline — ‘Usapang Pelikula (lit. film discussion) — encapsulates our newfound focus. This site, stripped to its barest function, offers a collection of reviews of recent and past Filipino films, as well as critical pieces surrounding Philippine cinema.

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