QCinema 2018 Winners: Our predictions

The list of QCinema 2018 winners have yet to be announced tonight, but your friendly neighborhood band of cinephiles, a.k.a. The Unreel Gang, already has some great ideas in mind about which film should take all the wins. he QCinema 2018 Awards Night is happening tonight, Friday, October 27th, at the Monet Ballroom of

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Festival Report: Cinema One Originals 2018

Staying true to its dedication to originality, this year’s Cinema One Originals Film Festival takes pride in a lineup of entries that feature unique and interesting stories – there’s a “mockumentary”, a spy-thriller, a sports-crime film, and even an animated feature, to name a few. || Related: The Unreel Guide to Cinema One Originals

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Festival Report: TOFARM Film Festival 2018

The TOFARM Film Festival 2018 has already started this month, showcasing six full-length films that feature the lives of our Filipino farmers, and encourage discussion about farming and agriculture. This year’s entries show much promise, including a futuristic drama, a sci-fi film, a historical drama, a period romance, a dark comedy, and a Talaandig tribal

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