Screw the Queue: How to buy movie tickets online in the Philippines

Screw the Queue: How to buy movie tickets online

Every form of moviegoing—be it casual movie-watching or full-fledged cinephilia—requires a certain degree of mania. To the cinephile, it makes absolute sense to line up in queue for a new film. The experience of watching films is simply fair trade.

But there are better, less of time-eater alternatives to watch movies in theaters.

On this post, we’re listing down the ways which allow viewers to buy movie tickets online. These offer viewers the convenience of skipping the line at the counter and book the tickets through their phones.

Screw the Queue: How to buy movie tickets online in the Philippines

There are two ways to go about it: first, by buying movie tickets online through the cinema’s proprietary apps. Most cinemas in the Philippines allow their patrons to book tickets through app and website.

Though these apps differ in design and functionality, the process is similarly straightforward. Using the apps’ interface, you find your movie, reserve your seat, pay for the ticket, and you’re done. All apps accept credit card and other modes of mobile payment methods.

Here’s a list of cinemas with their respective apps.

Another way of booking online is thru GMovies (Android, iOS), a service that overtakes the annoying process of lining up at the ticketing counter. The service is facilitated by Globe and has partnered with pretty much every major cinema in the country.

GMovies gets this special mention for sheer ease-of-use. As of press time, it has the most pleasant user experience out of all the apps I’ve mentioned, making the booking process easier and more convenient.

To book a movie using GMovies, launch the app. On your home screen, select the movie you want to watch. Hit Buy tickets.

On the next screen, you’ll be taken to a list of cinemas that screen the movie. In our case, “Creed II” is playing in two cities. Tap your chosen city, then select the cinema.

Next, select the date and showtime.

Then, finally, the seat number. Hit Continue to payment, key in your card information, and that’s it. GMovies will give you an e-receipt which you are to show to the ticketer present at the cinema.

Click here to learn more about GMovies.

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