The card game for those who CAROL lot about movies. / Photo: Kickastarter

Cinephile: A Card Game: The perfect gift to get your film nerd friends

Also a pretty promising card game in its own right.

I recently caught wind of Cody Everett and Steve Isaacs’ exciting card game for cinephiles, aptly called *ahem* Cinephile: A Card Game

After browsing through its site and Kickstarter page (to which I have not pledged because they currently don’t ship to the US), I’ve concluded that as a product it exists primarily to solve one age-old problem.

The card game for cinephiles. / Photo: Kickstarter
The card game for cinephiles. / Photo: Kickstarter

You know how some friends exclaim how hard it is to give gifts to cinephiles? Well, I’ve heard that. A lot. Maybe that stems from this idea of film nerds being hyper-critical about movies among other things in life. I don’t know, but I’m quite positive it’s a thing.

Well, here you have a card game specifically created for movie geeks. The game literally incentivizes players who go hard on movie trivia and keep encyclopedic knowledge about cinema.

The game, because cinephiles are obviously indecisive creatures, gives players the option to choose different ways to play it. You know, just to fuck with us. I kind of like that.

There are currently five different games you can play with the cards.

  • Movie Geek
  • Head On
  • Movie, Actor
  • Take Six
  • Six Degrees

Each game will have different rules, but every one boils down to how big of a nerd you are with movies. Also, there are “remix” games, which are altered gameplays that are so good the game makers made them canon. There’s one up currently called “Inglorious Basterds”.

To learn more about how to play Cinephile, click here.

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The game costs $25 for the Standard Set with Expansion Packs and Limited Edition Sets available. Right now, Cinephile: A Card Game, is only available to ship to the US (though if you really want it, you can use shipping services like Shipping Cart). 

I can’t say this doesn’t make sense, being that the cards in the deck are all from Western cinema.

But picture this: a Cinephile card game on Philippine cinema. On movies from the French New Wave! On just Apichatpong Weerasethakul movies! By god, won’t that be a vacation?

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