“Game Of Thrones”: Chai Fonacier is the rightful heiress to the Iron Throne

“Game Of Thrones”: Chai Fonacier is the rightful heiress to the Iron Throne

It’s “Game of Thrones” season. This is relevant again. Maybe forever this time.

Breaking form for a second to quickly drop this internet gem everyone should watch.

Chai Fonacier—known from such films as Victor Villanueva’s Patay Na Si Hesus and Treb Monteras II’s Respeto, and internet classics such as “Sunkissed Pa Rin Mga Ulol” and more recently, this parody of Darna—has left a big mark as an actress. But what Samwell Tarly and Bran Stark have missed in their incessant reading and warg-ing is that Fonacier might actually be the rightful heiress to the Iron Throne, the Queen of all Seven Kingdoms.

The evidence: these clips featuring the actress as a scheming gossip in Sutukil Sauce’s “Chismis sa Mga Saop ni Diniris”. Watch the videos below.



The videos at hand are in Bisaya, a language far more advanced than that spoken by anyone in Westeros. In one of the videos, we learn that Chai knows even more than Sam and Bran about Jon Snow’s true identity. Chai also knows a far more efficient way of travel to Winterfell, which, she says, is by taking the North Bus*.

(*I fell on my seat when they cracked this joke, lol)

Obviously, this is all just a fun way to get you to watch Chai Fonacier’s consistently great work on the YouTube Channel, Sutukil Sauce. The channel posts a lot of Bisaya comedy sketches, and it’s been such a gift to watch for at least two years now.

The real heir/ess to the Iron Throne is still up in the air, but we think Chai, if nothing else, should just take the crown and call it a day. *cue acapella GoT theme*

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