A peek inside Vinegar Syndrome's release of 'Oda Sa Wala'

A peek inside Vinegar Syndrome’s release of ‘Oda Sa Wala’

Dwein Baltazar's unnerving drama finds a global distributor with cult purveyor, Vinegar Syndrome.

Four years after its run at QCinema, Dwein Baltazar’s film, Oda Sa Wala, is getting its proper global distribution at the hands of cult purveyors, Vinegar Syndrome.

Slipped into a limited edition cover art more evocative of the film’s heart-racing denouement, the release dovetails with the viewers’ return to ‘normal.’ Oda Sa Wala‘s release is under the distributor’s new home video label, Kani, named after Yosijiro Ozu’s custom-made crab-like tripod.

Check out the new cover and slipcover design here:

Standard region-free Blu-ray cover / Vinegar Syndrome
Standard region-free Blu-ray cover, back / Vinegar Syndrome
Front slipcover / Vinegar Syndrome (Kani)
Back slipcover / Vinegar Syndrome (Kani)

Inside the box is a region-free Blu-ray of the film, a 19-minute interview with Baltazar, a booklet with writing by the film’s DOP, Neil Daza, production designer, Maolen Fadul, and an essay by Elmo Gonzaga.

Oda Sa Wala follows Sonya (Marietta Subong), a down-on-her-luck mortician whose listless existence gets disrupted when an unexpected corpse shows up at her doorstep. The film took the Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay awards at the 2018 QCinema Film Festival.

Click here to order your copy of Oda sa Wala.

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