WATCH: Social distancing in Wes Anderson's movies

Watch Wes Anderson’s characters practice “social distancing”

Watch the new video essay by Little White Lies.

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, there’s no shortage of reminders from the Philippine administration to “practice social distancing” – an act which only the privileged seem able to afford. Frustratingly, there’s little talk about actual procedures to combat this thing, but I digress.

At least as cinephiles, we will always have movies to help us through mind-numbing lockdowns. Funny: In Wes Anderson’s movies, people do not require the nudge of a global pandemic to move them into social isolation.

As illustrated in the video essay published by Little White Lies, Anderson’s characters occupy capacious corners of the frame. Be it the gorgeous doggo-wasteland of Isle of Dogs or the sprightly hued world of Moonrise Kingdom.

That’s not to say that Anderson’s films are straight-up bleak (although it can be sometimes).

In fact, the video ends with a somewhat hopeful scene, one which reveals our unique, irreversible connection to other human beings, however problematic that connection might become.

Watch the video essay below:

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