Help cover Philippine (and world) cinema!

We pay our contributors!
Help cover Philippine (and world) cinema!

To the absolute champion that’s reading this, I applaud your stubbornness to make a living as a writer. Hold onto that, for as long as you can.

No one else bothers to tell you because you’ll come face-to-face with it soon enough. Writing is a tremendously difficult career to devote yourself to. But I guess the fact that you’ve chosen to write about films, specifically, is that you like hellish torture.

Unreel is purely a passion project.

I personally don’t expect any gain from doing this – monetary or otherwise. But seeing how Filipino creatives constantly get beat down by publications expecting them to write great shit for free when they obviously have the resources, I’m making the active decision go against the “write for us for free” bullshit that’s so prevalent in the industry.

Which brings us here. A call for contributors who want to write about films – and get paid for it!

Though what we pay won’t make a living, it’s pay nonetheless. It’s a gig that I hope Filipino writers will be proud to put in their CVs and portfolios.

With all that out of the way, let’s get into how you can start writing.

What we’re looking for

Unreel is looking for contributors who will help us with content. We’re building up the following verticals:

Film reviews

Because our core team (that’s me and Geoff!) can’t possibly cover every film on the regular, we are enlisting help from talented and inquisitive writers like you.

Click here to read our reviews.

Articles, think pieces, and breakdowns

Watched a film or series that seems to have stuck in your head? Got an idea about movies you want to voice out? Submit your pitches to us as a contributor and we’ll see how to make it happen.

Click here to read our features.

What you’ll get out of it

We pay our contributors. Just because other publications get away with it, doesn’t mean that we should do it too. It’s nothing to build a whole living upon, but it’s a great starting point for film writers who refuse to bend over for bigger publications who ask them to write for free.

Aside from this, our writers also get:

📼 Access to exclusive screeners
🎟️ Invites and passes to film festivals, screenings, and other press events
✨ Free Letterboxd Pro subscriptions for top contributors
🍅 Opportunity to become RT-certified reviewers (we’re working hard on this!)
✅ …and more perks!

Write for

We’ve built Unreel out of blood, sweat, and inextinguishable passion. It’s only apt that we hope to work with people who are passionate about the art, the craft, and the culture of movies.

If you feel like you fit the bill, fill-up the form below.

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