"Ang Anak ni Brocka" is now available to stream for free

“Ang Anak ni Brocka” is now available to stream for free

The full movie is now on YouTube.

Sigfreid Barros Sanchez’s seminal pseudo-doc Ang Anak ni Brocka made its premiere online last Wednesday, September 18th, on the official Cinema One Originals channel.

The film, first released in 2005, follows a group of investigative journalists chasing a story about acclaimed Filipino filmmaker, Lino Brocka, and his illegitimate son. The kicker (or is it the punchline?) is that Brocka is openly gay, and to Filipinos it ainconceivable that a gay man might have borne new life into this earth.

Starring Nonie Buencamino, Jacklyn Jose, Gina Alajar, Bembol Roco, Angie Ferro, Geoff Eigenman, Nanding Josef, and Philip Salvador, Sanchez’s “mockumentary” offers a broadly satiric view of show business and culture amongst artists.

Watch the trailer here.

Watch free Filipino films, including Ang Anak ni Brocka, by clicking this link or the button below.

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