"Big Night!" Trailer: Jun Lana makes a tokhang dramedy

“Big Night!” Trailer: Jun Lana makes a tokhang dramedy

The new film stars Christian Bables and Eugene Domingo.

The official trailer for Big Night!, Jun Lana‘s new feature film about Duterte’s war on drugs, has dropped online on The Idea First Company YouTube Channel.

Though overtly comedic in tone, it’s hard to sit through, even as a mere piece of promotional material, knowing that the murders allegedly O.K.-ed by the administration have yet to fade out of our collective memory.

This is, of course, coming from a filmmaker who has made films like Barber’s Tales and The Shadow Behind the Moon, and one can rest easy on the fact that the film, despite its not-so-exactly prime timing, has something worthwhile to say.

Starring Christian Bables, Big Night! follows an individual named Dharna as they try to clear their name from a watch list of supposed drug users and pushers. Bables previously starred in Chito S. Roño’s Signal Rock and Lana’s own Die Beautiful.

Bables stars alongside Eugene Domingo, Gina Alajar, John Arcilla, Janice de Belen, Ricky Davao, and Nico Antonio, among others.

Big Night! will come, funnily according to the trailer, “as soon as possible”.

Watch the full trailer below.

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