“Gameboys: The Movie” Trailer: Online gay romance takes a field trip IRL

The new film opens July 30, 2021.
WATCH: The first trailer for "Gameboys: The Movie"

The Ideafirst Company has just dropped the first trailer for Gameboys: The Movie, the newest chapter to the studio’s BL series, Gameboys.

Directed by Ivan Andrew Payawal, the film picks up after the events of the BL series, in which the main characters finally meet in real life after having a (mostly) online affair. The film sees Cairo (Elijah Canlas) and Gavreel (Kokoy De Santos) bunking together in the same house, but their time together is challenged when Gavreel’s conservative aunt comes to visit.

Here’s a playlist of the entire first season (available on YouTube) so you can catch up:

Check out the two-minute trailer below:

Gameboys: The Movie opens July 30, 2021.

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