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Nature plays tricks in “In The Tall Grass” trailer

"It's just grass…"

WATCH: Nature plays tricks in  "In The Tall Grass" trailer

Netflix has dropped the first trailer for In The Tall Grass, Vincenzo Natali’s adaptation of the same-name novella from Stephen King and Joe Hill.

It follows the story of twins Becky and Cal, who encounter a tall field of grass from which a young boy calls for help. As ever in stories written by King (this time with his son, Joe), things go south—fast.

I’ll leave it at that, as uncovering any more would be an injustice to the nightmare the father-and-son duo is able to craft with this novella.

Natali has brought some respectable genre outings in the past, with Cube being his most known and in my opinion most inventive work. This is also not his first time tackling stories out of the Stephen-Tabitha woodwork; he’s directed two episodes of the forthcoming Locke & Key series, which was based on the Joe Hill supernatural comic book series.

Watch the full trailer below:

Starring Patrick Wilson, Harrison Gilberston, Avery Whitted, Laysla Oliveira, Rachel Wilson, and Will Buie Jr., In The Tall Grass drops on Netflix on October 4, 2019 after it makes its worldwide premiere at Fantastic Fest on September 20th.

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