Will ‘Cocaine Bear’ become the worthwhile horror-comedy trip for cinemagoers?

The trailer for Elizabeth Banks’ hilarious and bloody survival horror-comedy is out.


Eschewing the A24-esque, jaded-and-faded (pun intended) trend that has grown ubiquitous in recent horror outings, Elizabeth Banks’ upcoming stoner creature feature, Cocaine Bear, promises a ridiculous romp centered on an intoxicated black bear.

The trailer just dropped, and it’s incredible.

Fall the cards where they may, but it’s got all the ingredients of a film worthy to campaign for during awards season: It’s loosely based on the true story from the ’80s (ahem!) about a bear that accidentally ingests a bag full of grade-A coke. It’s a far cry from Paddington and the bear in The Revenant, but I’ll bet on this bear’s chances.

The commercial successes of both Top Gun: Maverick and Tickets to Paradise allude to a regained appetite for moviegoing; who’s to say it won’t work for this kind of film?

The film is slated for a theatrical release in February 2023. Universal has yet to announce a local release date here in the Philippines. ‘Till then, the jury’s out on whether it is a good or bad ‘tokhang‘ movie.

Check out the trailer and official poster for the film after the bump:

The official trailer of Cocaine Bear (2023).
The official poster for Cocaine Bear (2023).

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