‘Love is a Dog from Hell’ trailer: Khavn reimagines own Orphea

Khavn just dropped the trailer for his latest film, a reinvention of his film 'Orphea.'

Love is a Dog from Hell is not a sequel by Khavn, which is to say that it is. The new film, built as a reinvention of his previous film, Orphea, follows a lover and a poet (played by Lilith Stangenberg) as she descends down the hell-like underworld of Manila.

The film’s trailer has been released in time for its premiere at the 2021 Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) in Estonia.

Borrowing Charles Bukowski’s interpretations from the same-name poetry collection, Love is a Dog from Hell is a “not so romantic encounter with the wicked evil twin sister of Orphea, who is also named Orphea.” Read on for the full synopsis.

They say Manila is a gateway to Hell with three entrances: for lust, anger and greed. A vibrant city dazzles with hunger, drugs, violence, poverty on almost every corner. Even after burial Orphea wants to embrace her beloved Eurydiko, deceased from food poisoning on January 22nd. She passionately descends into the apocalyptic underworld in a quest of nine extraordinary songs, but maybe the wandering Eurydike no longer needs any love?

PÖFF 2021, Love is a Dog from Hell

The film premieres at the 2021 PÖFF on November 22, 2021.

Watch the trailer.

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