Pervision Podcast #8: A Conversation with Dodo Dayao

Pervision Podcast #8: A Conversation with Dodo Dayao

The one where we acknowledge the shitty movie we’re all living through.

We’re back 🙌 and it’s fitting we kick things off again with the difficult topic of dealing with COVID-19, including the horror and uncertainty that come with it.

For this episode, Armand sits down with a filmmaker no stranger to that stomach-churning, Armageddon-like anxiety, Dodo Dayao, director of 2014’s “Violator” and more recently, the writer of the new iWant series called “The Tapes”. Dodo also helped curate the widely successful Lockdown Cinema Club, an initiative by filmmakers that helps no-work-no-pay film workers who need aid during the stay-at-home order.

This is a long sit-down discussion with Dodo (about two hours!), but if you stick around you’ll learn a ton about his writing process, the influences he borrowed from in making “Violator”, and much more.


00:04:22 – Quarantine check-in 
00:06:12 – About Lockdown Cinema Club
00:13:20 – What keeps Dodo busy during the lockdown
00:24:24 – Making “Violator” and writing screenplays for other filmmakers (“Ma”, “Lukas the Strange”, etc.)
00:57:36 – How being a cinephile helped inform his filmmaking
01:11:43 – Casting direk Joel Lamangan as the lead for “Violator”
01:13:46 – Working as a horror filmmaker today
01:27:21 – Making “The Tapes” and working with the serial format
01:44:11 – Writing a book on Philippine cinema 

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