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Pervision Podcast #1: “Ma”, “Eerie”, “Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap”

Our pilot episode for "Pervision" is finally here!

After a long bout with our persistent nagging inner saboteurs, we’ve decided to drop the pilot episode of the Pervision Podcast. It’s a bi-weekly podcast in which we hunker in a circle and talk about films, television, and pop culture. It’s co-hosted by yours truly and food and film connoisseur, Geoffrey Ledesma, from

Our pilot finds Geoff and myself scrambling (and stuttering) through the show as we discuss Kenneth Dagatan’s “Ma”, Mikhail Red’s “Eerie”, and Marius Talampas’ “Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap.”

Films featured

This week’s featured reviews include three films we feel that didn’t get as much attention. First, there’s Kenneth Dagatan’s “Ma”, an exquisite horror-thriller that taunts the vagaries of motherhood. We also share our thoughts on Marius Talampas’ “Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap” and Mikhail Red’s “Eerie”.


00:01:22 – What is Pervision?
00:06:48 – “Ma”
00:24:22 – “Eerie”
00:41:15 – “Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap”


Random Takeaway

It’s hard to Google something in the middle of a recording. Give us a break.

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Armando Dela Cruz

Editor-at-large and co-pilot of this crazy project. A self-proclaimed scream queer out of the '90s, I like writing about horror and cinema. Apart from Unreel, I write for Rappler, Screen Anarchy, and other places.

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