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Pervision Podcast #3: “Alone/Together”, “Elise”

In which Geoff sizes up the new LizQuen movie if it’s “UP enough”.

Episode three, baby! We had WAY TOO MUCH FUN making this episode, and we hope we don’t scare you off because of it.

This episode, we decided to trim down the number of films we feature. We’re happy for all the love you guys have shown in the past two episodes, but it’s good to experiment. In line with, I think it’s good to ask:

  • How many film reviews do you think we should include in each episode?
  • Would you want our Anticipation/Experience/In Hindsight review rubric in each review?
  • What would be the ideal podcast episode length for you? Right now we’re experimenting around the 40-minute to 50-minute mark.

Any insight from you guys is super appreciated. Thanks for listening!

Films featured

This week, Geoff and Armand talk about Antoinette Jadaone’s 10th feature film, “Alone/Together” starring Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, and Joel Ferrer’s new movie, “Elise”, starring Enchong Dee and Janine Gutierrez.


00:01:35 – “Alone/Together”
00:24:52 – “Elise”
00:42:11 – This week’s music recommendation


Random Takeaway


This Week’s Music Recommendation

“Spoliarium” by Eraserheads | Listen on Spotify

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Armando Dela Cruz

Editor-at-large and co-pilot of this crazy project. A self-proclaimed scream queer out of the '90s, I like writing about horror and cinema. Apart from Unreel, I write for Rappler, Screen Anarchy, and other places.

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