Pervision Podcast - Episode 5

Pervision Podcast #5: “Kuwaresma” with Tristan Zinampan

The one where podcasting turns into therapy.

A very special episode Pervision is here. This week, we go out the confines of our home studio to speak with Tristan Zinampan—Rappler producer, UPD film student, and pop culture extraordinaire.

Because this episode is recorded out in the wild, the audio quality of our actual conversation is a bit janky. But you’re here for the content, aren’t ‘ya? And this week, we dove deep into Erik Matti’s new film, “Kuwaresma”, a horror-thriller that puts together some of the best acting and filmmaking talents we have. It also marks Sharon Cuneta’s first horror movie.

"Kuwaresma" film poster
“Kuwaresma” film poster

This week, we discuss Erik Matti’s latest film, “Kuwaresma”. It stars Sharon Cuneta, John Arcilla, Kent Gonzales, Pam Gonzales, and Guia Alvarez. The film tells the story of the Fajardos, a Filipino family who on top of being estranged to one another is plagued with a common ghost among their past.

About our guest

Tristan Zinampan

Tristan Zinampan is a film geek and pop culture connoisseur. He writes for Rappler, Film Police Reviews, Screen Anarchy, and more (including our lovely little site, He’s currently taking Film Studies at the University of the Philippines – Diliman.


00:02:23 – Keeping up with le Zinampan
00:04:50 – What we have been watching lately?
00:11:50 – Featured review: “Kuwaresma”
00:31:21 – Spoiler discussion

Random takeaway

Satchmi is an awesome coffee shop. Also, we really saw Ben&Ben whilst recording this podcast.

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