Pervision Podcast #6: “Clarita” + “Banal” + “Quezon’s Game”

Pervision Podcast #6: “Clarita”, “Banal”, “Quezon’s Game”, and more

The one where Geoff and the word “floss” became mortal enemies.

Episode Six is up, you guys! This week, we’re shaking up things a little bit by adding a Hollywood movie to the mix. 

We’re also trying out what we’ll call Quick Takes, shorter reviews that will let us get through even more movies in the pod. Each week we’ll also have a Featured Review, which is a lengthier and a more in-depth talk around a specific movie.

This week, we’re discussing three new Filipino movies—all three are interestingly based on or inspired by real-life events. JA Tadena’s  “Banal” and Matthew Rosen’s “Quezon’s Game” are both parts of this week’s Quick Takes. Derick Cabrido’s “Clarita”, meanwhile, is our Featured Review.

This week, we discuss Derick Cabrido’s new movie, “Clarita”. The new movie stars Jodi Sta. Maria, Aaron Villaflor, and Ricky Davao. The film tells the real-life story of Clarita Villanueva, a young Filipina whose demonic possession became infamous in the late 50’s.

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Quick Takes

This week’s Quick Takes include JA Tadena’s supernatural thriller “Banal”, Matthew Rosen’s historical drama “Quezon’s Game”, and Josh Cooley’s four-quel “Toy Story 4”.


00:02:20 – About the new format
00:04:35 – “Banal”
00:16:01 – “Quezon’s Game”
00:29:03 – “Toy Story 4”
00:43:46 – Featured Review: “Clarita”
00:59:42 – Spolier Discussion

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Random Takeaway

Geoff’s weakness is phonetically similar words. Listen to Armand annoy him ad absurdum.

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