Pervision Podcast #7: FDCP Changes, Why we skipped “KontrAdiksyon”, and more

The one where we name-dropped…like a lot.

BONUS EPISODE!!! ✨ Bet’cha didn’t expect to hear from us merely days from the previous episode, did you?

But hey, we’re here. And this week, we are talking about the recent FDCP changes as well as the existence of a troubling film called “KontrAdiksyon”. We’re also catching you up with what we’ve been watching recently.

Ready? Strap in for a very long discussion with ‘ya boiiis Armand and Geoffrey in this week’s episode of the Pervision Podcast.

FDCP Changes

FDCP intros Friday movie premieres + other policies

On June 25th, the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) announced some changes with regards to film programming and cinemagoing in the country. 

Geoff and Armand break down these changes in detail, including the move from Wednesday to Friday for movie premieres, and the vaguely outlined “fullscreen” schedules.

Pervision is open to dialogue with FDCP about these changes.

What have we been watching

We’ve missed out on a lot of reviews, so we’re dumping everything here, including recent releases, like “Annabelle Comes Home”, “Child’s Play”, and “Rocketman”.

We also brush on “The Invitation” and “Coherence”, two speculative thrillers set at innocuous dinner parties.

“KontrAdiksyon” and why we deliberately skipped it

As you all may have heard of, the new film “KontrAdiksyon” has been making news recently. A big part of it is because of President Rodrigo Duterte’s outspoken endorsement of the movie, going as far as attending the movie’s premiere.

Jake Cuenca in "KontrAdiksyon" // Bell Films
Jake Cuenca in “KontrAdiksyon” // Bell Films

Though admittedly one of us had the urge to watch it, we didn’t watch the movie because we don’t agree with its politics.

On this part of the pod, we open a discussion about the politics of cinema and how our administration might be weaponizing the arts.


00:03:51 – FDCP Changes
00:33:21 – “Coherence” / “The Invitation”
00:36:03 – “Child’s Play”
00:44:23 – “Annabelle Comes Home”
00:54:15 – “Rocketman”
01:02:13 – Why we didn’t watch “KontrAdiksyon”

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Random Takeaway

We need Glaiza De Castro in this podcast, goddammit!

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