Pervision Podcast #10: “Genus, Pan”, “Midnight in a Perfect World”

The one about the rage and curiosity that govern our existence as humans.
Pervision Podcast #10: "Genus, Pan", "Midnight in a Perfect World

In today’s episode, we tackle Lav Diaz’s Genus, Pan, one of his shorter works running at 2 hours and 30 minutes. It follows a group of minors who, in an effort to get past “bwayas”, traverse through the woods of an island believed to be cursed. 

We also share our take on Dodo Dayao’s Midnight in a Perfect World, in which a financially thriving Manila is frequented by unwanted visitors every midnight. Four friends regrettably set out to find out what really happens when the clock strikes at 12AM.  

Timestamps (jump per section) ⏳ 

00:04:15 — Review: Genus, Pan (2020) 
00:27:10 — Review: Midnight in a Perfect World (2020)
00:49:10 — QCinema 2020 favorites
00:51:44 — What we’re watching at MMFF 2020  

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