Pervision Podcast #12: "Fan Girl" (2020, dir. Antoinette Jadaone) ft. Miko & JC

Pervision Podcast #12: “Fan Girl” (2020, dir. Antoinette Jadaone) ft. Miko & JC

The one where we debated about Paulo Avelino's schlong, among other things.


That’s right, you’re getting 2 new Pervision episodes this week. Hooray!

In this episode, we sat down with our friends, Miko & JC, to discuss Antoinette Jadaone’s latest, Fan Girl. It swept the awards at the recently wrapped MMFF, among which is a rightful win for Charlie Dizon. 

This episode also debuts The Spoiler Zone, a new segment in the pod where we go in-depth about the film. This time, we partake in very important discussions, including our country’s culture of idolatry and fanaticism, as well as Paulo Avelino’s you-know-what.  

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