Pervision #16: 'My Amanda' ft. Princess Kinoc

Pervision #16: ‘My Amanda’ ft. Princess Kinoc

The one where we catch up with the one true Supreme of Filipino film appreciation.


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3WCC and Film Police Reviews’ Princess Kinoc drops by to chat about My Amanda, a new Netflix Filipino-language original written and directed by Alessandra De Rossi. The film follows two unusually close friends (played by Piolo Pascual and De Rossi herself) as they navigate life.

Pervision #16: 'My Amanda' ft. Princess Kinoc

About today’s guest

Princess Kinoc is the co-host of the Third World Cinema Club and editor of Film Police Reviews. Probably the most congenial cinephile you’ll know, we fondly think of Cess as the one true Supreme of Filipino film appreciation.

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  1. It was awesome listening to you guys! Love picking your movie brains and also your perspectives in life and relationships. Missed opportunity to sing Through the Fire though lol.
    God bless to your respective endeavors and more power to Unreel!

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