Pervision #17: Sine Halaga 2021 (ft. Emil Hofileña)

The one where we talk about aswangs and tikbalangs.
Pervision #17: Sine Halaga 2021 ft. Emil Hofileña
A film fest about Filipino values? What novel idea!

Sine Halaga had a successful inaugural run a couple of weeks ago. Film critic Emil Hofileña joins Armand to discuss their favorite short films from the fest, many of which feature aswangs and tikbalangs.


About today’s guest

Emil Hofileña is a film critic whose work has been published in Rogue, Young STAR, Philippine Daily Inquirer, and Out of Print, among other publications. He served as a juror at the FAMAS from 2018 and 2019.

About Sine Halaga

From their page: Sine Halaga (The NCCA Filipino Values Film Festival) gives a platform to all filmmakers to tell beautiful stories depicting Filipino values in contemporary films.

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