Pervision #20: Five Films: Filipino Horror (ft. Chris Costello)

Chris Costello of Dead Air drops by to share his five favorite Filipino horror films.

This week, we’re debuting our first-ever pod segment, ‘Five Films,’ a series of episodes where we bring on guests and ask them their top five recommendations on a certain film category. In this episode, we’ve brought on Chris Costello (from the Dead Air podcast) to share his #FiveFilms for Philippine horror movies.


About our guest

Chris Costello is a co-host of the horror podcast, Dead Air. He also co-pilots the Facebook community of the same name.

Chris’ #FiveFilms โ€” Filipino Horror

  • Itim (1976, dir. Mike De Leon)
  • Yanggaw (2008, dir. Richard Somes)
  • Violator (2014, dir. Dodo Dayao)
  • Seklusyon (2016, dir. Erik Matti)
  • Sunod (2019, dir. Carlo Ledesma)

Armand’s #FiveFilms โ€” Filipino Horror

(I typically won’t share my own, but being a horror hound myself I couldn’t help it)

  • Itim (1976, dir. Mike De Leon)
  • Karnal (1983, dir. Marilou Diaz-Abaya)
  • Pa-Siyam (2004, dir. Erik Matti)
  • Violator (2014, dir. Dodo Dayao)
  • Salvage (2015, dir. Sherad Sanchez)

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