In movies, “persistence of vision” helps sell the illusion of another world. It’s what keeps the magic. Perhaps in appreciating and criticizing movies, the same persistence of one’s views—as individuals and collectively as an audience—will help hold its power.

Where Unreel, the film website, is built upon the simple but crucial notion that every frame of a movie is magical, and thus deserving of extensive thought and appreciation, the Pervision Podcast is built upon the belief that every point-of-view is valid and should be discussed.

And that’s what you’ll get. Each episode is an hour packed with discourse about movies—with the occasional banter, of course. Some episodes will feature guests, from filmmakers, actors, to key figures in Philippine cinema.

The Pervision Podcast is produced by Unreel Media, and co-hosted by Unreel editors and film connoisseurs, Armando Dela Cruz and Geoff Ledesma.

Meet the Hosts

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