Write for Us: Help Unreel.PH Cover Philippine Cinema
Still from "Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral" (2018, dir. Jerrold Tarog)

Write for Us

Unreel is always looking for writers with fresh perspectives on Philippine and world cinema. We’re currently open for pitches and contributors.

What is Unreel?

Unreel is an independent film publication founded and edited by Armando Dela Cruz and Geoffrey Ledesma. Our primary goal is to unspool Philippine and world cinema with a critical lens; to provide honest, unbiased, and insightful commentary on film and television.

We are supporter-funded through Buy Me a Coffee. Meaning, we strive to keep our readership happy by putting quality first and enabling our writers to use their distinct voice and perspective.

Do you accept pitches from freelance writers?

Yes! We’re thrilled to work with writers who have unique takes and fresh perspectives on Philippine cinema. In particular, we’re looking for writers who can help us cover film reviews, critical analyses, and personal essays concerning Philippine and world cinema.

To help you give a better sense of what we like, take time to read these posts:

What we’re not looking for: fan theories, rumors, and/or stories that aren’t founded on facts. We’re also not accepting pitches for news, interviews, and list articles—we write those ourselves.

Do you pay your contributors?

Yes. Because we’re a small, supporter-funded publication, we can only take on a number of contributions at a time. We pay our contributors a small fee per submission and part of reader donations regularly.

Aside from monetary compensation, our writers and contributors also get access to exclusive events, screeners, and interview opportunities.

How to pitch a story to Unreel

Ready to write for us? Send your pitch to our editors using the form below: