Discussion Policy

When using Unreel’s comments section and/or communities (e.g. Facebook Group, Discord Server), our discussion policies don’t change:

🤬 Hate Speech

Discrimination, prejudice, or any form of antagonism towards a specific race, ethnicity, gender, skin color, social status, etc.

🤪 Clickbait, Fake News, and Spam

Unverified facts, clickbait-y articles, and spam messages.

😈 Destructive Criticism

Malicious insults veiled as “criticism.” Poking fun is fine, but do so responsibly and not at the expense of anyone’s feelings, especially those on this website.


We keep these in place to ensure that our #UsapangPelikula is as safe, respectful, and inclusive as possible. Note that failure to comply may result in temporary or permanent bans from accessing our website.