Pinoy Rebyu Awards: ’12 Weeks’ named Best Film by SFFR

Anna Isabelle Matutina’s powerful story about bodily agency is this year’s best film, according to Filipino critics and reviewers.

The Society of Filipino Film Reviewers (SFFR) has named the winners of this year’s Pinoy Rebyu Awards, a yearly recognition of the country’s best films of the year.

Currently in its third iteration, this year’s awards find Anna Isabelle Matutina’s 12 Weeks and Martika Escobar’s Leonor Will Never Die sweeping, with each film bagging five and four different awards, respectively. 12 Weeks won Best Screenplay, First Feature, and Best Performances (both in lead and supporting roles), while Leonor Will Never Die won Best Director, Cinematography, Editing, and Production Design.

Official poster for 11,103. ©Storytellers

Other winners include Jeannette Ifurung and Mike Alcazaren’s documentary featuring Martial Law victims, titled 11,103, and Mikhail Red’s horror-thriller, Deleter, winning Best Original Score. Park Chan-wook’s propulsive mystery-drama-romance, Decision to Leave, won Best International Film.

Read the full press release on the SFFR website, where other best-of lists are also published. Here’s the full list of winners.

  • BEST FILM: 12 Weeks
  • BEST DIRECTOR: Martika Ramirez Escobar, Leonor Will Never Die
  • BEST SCREENPLAY: 12 Weeks (Anna Isabelle Matutina)
  • BEST LEAD PERFORMANCE: Max Eigenmann, 12 Weeks
  • BEST SUPPORTING PERFORMANCE: Claudia Enriquez, 12 Weeks
  • BEST ENSEMBLE PERFORMANCE: Cast of Family Matters
  • BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE: 11,103 (Jeannette Ifurung and Mike Alcazaren)
  • BEST FIRST FEATURE: 12 Weeks (Anna Isabelle Matutina)
  • BEST EDITING: Leonor Will Never Die (Lawrence Ang)
  • BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Leonor Will Never Die (Carlos Mauricio)
  • BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN: Leonor Will Never Die (Eero Yves Francisco)
  • BEST ORIGINAL SCORE: Deleter (Myka Magsaysay and Paul Sigua)
  • BEST ANIMATED SHORT: Brand X (Keith Deligero)
  • BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT: Palengke Day (Mervine Aquino)
  • BEST LIVE ACTION SHORT: Bold Eagle (Whammy Alcazaren)
  • BEST INTERNATIONAL FILM: Decision to Leave (Park Chan-wook)

About the Society of Filipino Film Reviewers

The Society of Filipino Film Reviewers (SFFR) was created in 2020 to promote film education, preservation, criticism, and exhibition of Philippine cinema. The group is composed of regular reviewers of Philippine cinema.

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