Cannibal horror-romance ‘Bones and All’ unveils first trailer

Timothée Chalamet takes his pound of flesh in Bones and All, a horrific romance-thriller directed by Luca Guadagnino.

The film — already being decorated by critics as “a tender and affecting tale of first love and discovery” beneath the film’s many vivacities and viscera — has unwrapped its first trailer in time for its Philippine release set on November 23, 2022.

Watch the trailer:

Bones and All is a reunion project for Guadagnino and Chalamet, who famously worked together in 2017’s Call Me By Your Name. We’re tempted to get into the Armie Hammer of it all, but we digress. Here, Chalamet acts against Taylor Russell (Waves, Escape Room).

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Set in Raegan America in the ’80s, the film finds Maren (Russell) and Lee (Chalamet), both disenfranchised drifters, taking a thousand-mile odyssey that, despite their best efforts, unlocks secrets from their respectively terrifying pasts.

Guadagnino directed David Kajganich’s screenplay, based on the novel by Camille DeAngelis. the film also stars Chloë Sevigny, Michael Stuhlbarg, and Mark Rylance.

Bones and All (2022, dir. Luca Guadagnino)

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