‘Deleter’ Trailer: Nadine Lustre peers into internet horrors

Mikhail Red’s new techno-horror takes us to the underbelly of a maddening industry.


Mikhail Red’s new film, Deleter, entrenches its viewers into the maddening world of content moderation, an industry that’s growing exponentially in the Philippines.

Red’s team has shared a 90-second teaser trailer. Watch it here:

The better part of Red’s filmography are films with stories stripped from real life (think Rekorder, Birdshot, and Neomanila), and Deleter seems to follow suit, especially with such a real yet largely unacknowledged issue. Hired to censor graphic uploads from social media, these employees, known as deleters, have to sift through explicit stuff, including snuff films.

Nadine Lustre plays Lyra, a person seemingly cut out for her job being mostly unfazed by disturbing imagery. As horror stories go, a string of strange events turns Lyra’s existence upside down, unlocking a trauma she has been bottling deep down.

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Mikhail Red directed and co-written the film with his brother, Nikolas Red. Nadine Lustre plays her role alongside Louise Delos Reyes, McCoy De Leon, and Jeffrey Hidalgo.

The film is set for the usual festival run sometime this year and is slated for a release sometime in 2023.

Film poster for Deleter (2022) — photomanipulated for presentation.

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