‘Triangle of Sadness’ is coming to PH theaters

TBA Studios will distribute Ruben Östlund’s Palm d’Or-winning film locally.

Update 09/20: TBA has announced the Philippine release date for Triangle Of Sadness. The film opens November 30, 2022.

Fresh off its Palm d’Or win at the Festival de Cannes 2022, Ruben Östlund’s Triangle of Sadness docks on Philippine shores, with TBA Studios securing the rights to distribute the film.

Taking to their Twitter account, TBA Studios says:

Triangle of Sadness made waves after its premiere, where critics raved about its sharp, queasy ruminations on class politics. Variety’s Peter Debruge had this to say of Östlund’s direction: “There’s a meticulous precision to the way he constructs, blocks, and executes scenes — a kind of agonizing unease, amplified by awkward silences or an unwelcome fly buzzing between characters struggling to communicate.”

The film stars Woody Harrelson, Harris Dickinson, Charlbi Dean, and of course — the talk of Cannes, herself! — Dolly De Leon. She plays a meek custodian who transforms into a fierce leader once the ship gets capsized and its super-rich passengers find themselves on a deserted island.

Triangle Of Sadness (2022)

Its infamous eight-minute standing ovation notwithstanding, Triangle of Sadness feels like a film worthy of seeing on the big screen. Good on TBA Studios paying moviegoers forward with something to look forward to in cinemas this year (assuming it will release locally in 2022).

Triangle of Sadness is slated for release in Philippine cinemas nationwide on November 30, 2022, exclusively distributed by TBA Studios. The studio attached this key visual in their update:

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