Usapang Pelikula #1: ‘About Us But Not About Us’

The one about a film that casually name-drops Penguin Random House SEA.


We’ve got a new podcast! Titled Usapang Pelikula, the new show borrows the same format as Pervision, where we sit down for a casual and candid chat about Filipino films.

Our debut episode tackles Jun Lana’s new film, About Us But Not About Us, a film that follows a professor and student in a mind game of chess about the pains borne out of the lies we tell ourselves. The film stars Romnick Sarmenta and Elijah Canlas in Lana’s most “personal” work thus far.

Listen to the episode:

Official poster for About Us But Not About Us.

In About Us But Not About Us, a literature professor meets his student at a restaurant, and, over the course of one meal, secrets and lies will be unearthed, and the sinister connection to suicide will be revealed.

The film is written and directed by Jun Lana, whose previous works include Barber’s Tales, Die Beautiful, and Big Night.

About Usapang Pelikula

Usapang Pelikula is a Filipino movie podcast from Unreel. Tune in to casual and candid conversations about the latest and greatest Filipino films.

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