Hulu’s ‘Hellraiser’ has wicked sights to show in new trailer

To hell with the naysayers! This looks properly frightful.


Since the 1984 original film, the Hellraiser franchise has had trouble unearthing worthwhile films. Many have tried, but none have yet to successfully revitalize it to its original glory.

The 2022 reboot — a fresh updating courtesy of The Ritual director, David Bruckner — hopes to unbound Clive Barker’s arguably most seminal work from that curse.

The recently dropped trailer looks to affirm that. Watch:

I’ve no question about Bruckner’s ability to spin a rich horror story. 2020’s The Night House is pretty great, but even better is Netflix’s 2017 underrated cult fave, The Ritual.

The new Hellraiser film finds Bruckner reunited with the same teams behind these, from producer David S. Goyer to scribes Ben Collins & Luke Piotrowski.

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Like the original, the film is centered around a young woman (Odessa A’zion) who comes into possession of the Lament Configuration, a hellbound puzzle that spawns a band of sadistic demons known as Cenobites, among them a pain-for-pleasure succubus named Pinhead (played by Jamie Clayton of Sense8 fame).

Color me stoked for this release, and I only wish there was a way to see it in theaters. In any case, Hellraiser arrives on Hulu come October 7th.

The official poster for Hellraiser.
Worth seeing: Fan-made poster for the 2022 Hellraiser film, if it was a SpectreVision release. 

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